Ideas for living Cheaply in the Pacific Northwest

How to Live Cheaply in Portland Oregon USA
How to live cheaply, and still be happy in Portland, Oregon

People at my work place complain about not having enough money. They say. “they’re always broke.” Anyway, I am lucky to have a job, but I am also careful about spending money. I am not rich, but I am not suffering either.

Here’s some money saving ideas to consider.

Do you really need all those things you buy? I mean, we go shopping and ending up buying things on impulse, not thinking if we really need it. Today’s treasures, is tomorrow’s trash. Think about how easy it is to spend money, but also how hard it is to earn too. I am proud of myself for being able to go shopping and not buy anything. I like to go window shopping, and get exercise walking around.

Save money by buying only essential things you need to survive, or make use of to save money.

For example: I bought a clothes drying rack from Ikea. It cost about 14 dollars, but after I started using it, my electric bill is down to 31 dollars, from about 70 dollars per month. I stopped using my electric clothes dryer, and save money each month, even on rainy days, my clothes still get dry on the rack. Also, I wash my clothes with cold water instead of hot. I work in a high technology company, thus I don’t have to deal with super dirty clothing. Save money where ever you can.

I use to buy things on impulse, now I buy things to save money.

I don’t own a car. The automobile isn’t worth owning. The expense is very high; gas, insurance, parking, etc. Unless you can write the cost off by doing business. You might say that you need a car for work, than change your life style to go car less.

Use public transportation. Portland, Oregon has a wonderful bus and train service. The company, Tri-met, does a great job of running a good transit service. My monthly bus pass cost about 90 dollars, but my employer reimburse 30 dollars, thus my final cost is about 60 dollars. My cost for transportation is about 2 dollars per day. Check to see if your workplace has a transportation reimbursement program.

I call this the “Costco Lifestyle.” I love shopping at Costco, and the extra large sizes of food, and things are great. I don’t throw away or waste anything. I eat the same type of food for weeks on in, but it doesn’t bother me. I buy things that I can freeze, or repackage. I even pack my own lunches, and take it to work, it’s easy to do. I am open minded to changing my life to save money. I even shop at Costco without using a car, but I do shop often, or make multiple trips. Plus, not having a car, forces me to walk plenty. My weight is under control now.

Don’t eat out, buy good food and cook it at home. Eat healthy foods like organically grown veggies. Pay more for good food. Eat less, lose some weight and feel better. Don’t smoke, ciggies are very expensive, and hospital bills are crazy, and expensive.

Once in a while I go out to eat, just to treat myself. I always collect the leftover napkins. The napkins are a valuable resource to carry around just in case of emergency spills, or an occasional running nose. I also control my in take of red meat, I don’t eat hamburgers at home. Save money by going more vegan in your diet.

So live the Costco lifestyle, try it. With a little effort, you too can live better in Portland, Oregon, or any place else, if you apply these simple steps into your lifestyle.


Fresh from shopping at Costco via public transportation


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